"EG DESIGN" is the LA-registered dba of myself, Eric Gill.
"Entertainment Engineer" is a generic term for what I do for a living.
Other terms are "Effects Designer", "Technical Director", etc.
What's in a name?

I work primarily in the themed-entertainment industry, but I'm open to anything.
Business-wise, to me, intention is the better part of truth.
Mean-what-you-say is all I ask of an introduction.

I tend to take design directions that are minimalistic. The simpler something is, the more elegant it is to me. Simple has a lot of meanings however, and no project is without it's peculiar constraints.
If any of these projects strike the observer as complicated or convoluted, know that this occurred as the result of conditions imposed, but, entirely without hard feelings, more's-the-challenge is my attitude.

Whenever I can, I prefer to work with friends.
It's been my luck to have worked with many talented and giving people.
I sincerely wish to convey their energy in kind.
Generally, I strive to help.

Thank you for your time!
If you have any questions or comments, they are welcome.

Best regards, -Eric Gill

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